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About this website

The National Consumer Research Centre has upgraded its web pages.

The main tasks of which are to
  • distribute information about the Research Centre´s own research work and about research results
  • distribute information about  Finnish consumer research
  • provide information about current issues of consumer research.
The aim is that the site visitors can easily and quickly find needed information. The contents of the web pages are constantly being developed and uppdated.

Reading and printing the texts is now easy

On the right side of each page are text size icons which enlarge or shrink the onscreen text when you click on them. The publications and long texts are in PDF format. To open PDF files you need the Adobe Acrobat program.

How to order the publications in the KULTU-database

The web pages include the KULTU-database. The database includes data on Finnish consumer research carried out by 150 research institutes. The publications of the database can be ordered direct from the publishers mentioned  in the  database.

Feedback to Research Centre

You can send your feedback by the feedback form about the webbsites and about the research work at Consumer Research Centre.

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