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Eva Heiskanen [cv]

Research Professor, National Consumer Research Centre
Tel: +358 29 505 9003, +358 50 321 0190
Fax: +358 9 876 4374
e-mail: first name.last

Office Address:
PB 5 (gatuadress Ekogatan 3)
00531 Helsingfors
Tel. +358 29 505 9000
Fax +358 9 876 4374

Please access the NCRC publication database for an updated list of my publications.


Curriculum vitae

December 2002

Name Heiskanen, Eva-Karin
Born August 17th, 1963, in Helsinki
Nationality Finnish


Master of Science, 1987, Helsinki University, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, Department of Consumer Economics (Major: Household Economics, Minor: Adult Education).

Certified translator (Finnish-English), 1996, Translator Examination Board of the Research Institute for the Languages of Finland.

PhD, 2001, Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration, Organization and Management.


Professional activities
1987-1988 municipal consumer counsellor, City of Hyvinkää

1988-1993 assistant editor, Science Studies (international journal published by the Finnish Society for Science Studies)

1991-1993 project researcher, National Consumer Research Centre (commissions for, e.g., the Ministry of Environment)

1994 project researcher, Finnish Foundation for Research and Development (SITRA)

1995-1996 senior researcher, Axxess Ltd (commissions for the National Consumer Research Centre and other clients)

1996-1999 post-graduate researcher, Academy of Finland (PhD programme in social science environmental research co-ordinated by Yrjö Haila, University of Tampere)

1999- research fellow (Academy of Finland + other projects), Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration

2002- assistant professor, Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration

Academic activities
2003 Examiner, Licentiate thesis of Taru Peltola, University of Tampere, Department of Area Studies and Environmental Policy.
2002 Member of Research Grants Evaluation Committee, Swedish Environmental Agency.
2002 Member of Examination Committee, Doctoral thesis of Magnus Bengtsson, Chalmers University of Technology, Environmental Systems Analysis
2002 Examiner, Licentiate thesis of Tomi Kallio, Turku School of Economics and Business Administration
2002- Member, Board of the Network Academy on Futures Studies
2001- Member, Board of the Environmental Social Science Graduate School
2001-2002 Member, Scientific Committee, 10th International Conference of the Greening of Industry Network, Göteborg 2002
2000-2002 Ad hoc referee, Environmental Science and Policy, Science Studies, Journal of Consumer Policy, Journal of Industrial Ecology
1999 Member of organizing committee, workshop organizer, Society and the Environment: From Routine to Risk. Colloquium of the Finnish Society for Environmental Social Science Research, Helsinki
1997 "5th Nordic Business Environmental Management Network" conference, Tuohilampi, Finland (organizing committee member, workshop organizer)


Other activities
1991-1993 Member, Preparatory working group of the Ministry of Environment for implementing the EU Packaging and packaging waste directive
1992-1997 Member, Finnish Standards Association, National Committee for the CEN Technical Committee 261 (Packaging)
1993- Member, Finnish Standards Association, National Committee for the ISO Technical Committee 207 (Environmental Management)
1993-1995 Member of Steering group for the National Beverage Packaging Life Cycle Assessment Study
1994-1995 Member, SETAC (Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry) Working Group on LCA-conceptually related programmes
1995 Member, Strategic group of the Ministry of Environment for implementing the Environmental Health Action Plan
1996 Member, Working group of the Ministry of Trade and Industry on "Production, Products and Consumption in Sustainable Development"
1996-1998 Second secretary, Subcommittee of the National Commission for Sustainable Development on "Changing Production and Consumption Patterns, Finance and Technology Transfer"
1999-2000 Member, Environmental Awards Committee, Kesko Oyj.
2000-2001 Expert, Subcommittee of the National Commission for Sustainable Development on "Production and Consumption"
2000 Member of organizing committee, workshop organizer, Second workshop on Nordic Integrated Product Policy, Saltsjöbaden, Stockholm
2001-2002 Member, Steering group for the National Beverage Packaging Life Cycle Assessment Study

1998 Evaluation of personnel's development needs in product-related environmental issues, Kesko plc.
2000 Organizing of IPP seminar, and survey of participants' viewpoints, Nordic Council of Ministers, Cross-Sectoral Group on IPP:


Supervising, teaching and lecturing activities
2003 Course on "Environment and Business", Helsinki School of Economics (with Raimo Lovio)
2003 Course on "Environment and Business", University of Kuopio, Department of Business Studies
2002-2003 Helsinki School of Economics, Course on Research Methodology (with Kari Lilja, Minna Halme)
2001-2003 Helsinki School of Economics, Bachelor's thesis seminar supervisor (with Susan Meriläinen 2001, Pertti Tiittula 2002)
2001-2003 Helsinki School of Economics, supervisor, Master's theses and thesis seminars
2000- Helsinki School of Economics, co-ordinator of working group for developing educational materials for environmental courses
1999- Helsinki School of Economics, co-ordinator for minor programme in Environmental Economics and Management
1999- Helsinki School of Economics, co-ordinator for Organization and Environment research and training programme
1998- Helsinki School of Economics, supervisor, licentiate/doctoral thesis of Anna Kärnä (with Raimo Lovio)
1997-2002 Helsinki School of Economics, Course on "Environment and Business" (1999 & 2000 with Raimo Lovio, 2001 with Mikko Jalas, 2002 with Minna Halme)
1998 University of Kuopio, Course on "Environment and Business"
1996 University of Industrial Arts and Design, Course on "Conditions for Sustainable Product Culture" (with Petri Niininen)
1996 University of Jyväskylä, Open University (with Michael Lettenmeier): Course on "Consumption and Environment"
1995 Helsinki University, Extension training centre of Siuntio, Course on "Consumption and Environment"
1993-1995 University of Helsinki, Department of Consumer Economics (with Michael Lettenmeier) Course on "Consumption and Environment"
Yearly about 10-15 individual lectures and presentations at, e.g., the Helsinki School of Economics, University of Industrial Arts Helsinki, Technical Research Centre, Swedish School of Economics, University of Helsinki, University of Tampere, Finnish Environmental Institute, various polytechnics, centres for extension training, municipalities, state agencies and ministries, etc.


1. Articles in refereed international journals

Heiskanen, E. & Jalas, M. (2003). Can services lead to radical eco-efficiency improvements? - a review of the debate and evidence. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management 10 (4): 186-198.
Heiskanen, E. (2002). The Environmental Agenda in Organization and Management Research - Toward Interdisciplinarity? Journal of Transdisciplinary Environmental Studies 1 (2): 1-16.
Heiskanen, E. (2002). The Institutional Logic of Life Cycle Thinking. Journal of Cleaner Production 10 (5): 427-437.
Heiskanen, E. (2000) Institutionalization of Life Cycle Thinking in the Everyday Discourse of Market Actors. Journal of Industrial Ecology 4 (4): 31-46.
Heiskanen, E. (2000). Managers' interpretations of LCA: Enlightenment and Responsibility or Confusion and Denial? Business Strategy and Environment 8 (4): 239-253.
Heiskanen, E. (1999). Every product casts a shadow - but can we see it and can we act on it? Environmental Science and Policy 2 (1): 61-74.
Kärnä, A. & Heiskanen, E. (1998). The Challenge of Product Chain Thinking for Product Development and Design - the Example of Electrical and Electronic Products. Journal of Sustainable Product Design, January/1998: 26-36.
Heiskanen, E. (1997). The Social Shaping of a Technique for Environmental Assessment. Science Studies, 10 (2)/1997.
Heiskanen, E. & Pantzar, M. (1997). Toward Sustainable Consumption: New Perspectives. Journal of Consumer Policy 20 (1997): 409-442.
Heiskanen, E., Niva, M. & Timonen, P. (1997). Consumers' Environmental Sophistication - Knowledge, Motivation and Behaviour. European Advances in Consumer Research 3 (1997): 1-7.

2. Articles in international refereed books and proceedings

Heiskanen, E., Timonen, P., Niva, M. & Aalto, K. (2002). Promoting Sustainable Product Culture and Consumption. In: Hertwich, E. (ed.) Lifecycle Approaches to Sustainable Consumption. Workshop Proceedings 22 November 2002. Laxenburg: International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Interim Report IR-02-073.

Heiskanen, E, (2002). "Understanding the Evolution of Consumption Patterns - a Step Forward. In: Consumers and Families as Market Actors. International Household and Family Research Conference 2002. NCRC Working Papers 72/2002.

Heiskanen, E., Halme, M., Jalas, M., Kärnä, A., Lovio, R. (2001). Can ICT and Services Contribute to Dematerialization? - Findings from a Finnish Study. In: Sustainable Services and Systems: Transition Towards Sustainability. Surrey: The Centre for Sustainable Design.

Heiskanen, E. (1999). Life Cycle Thinking and Interorganizational Environmental Responsibility - is There a Link? In: Dobers, P. & Wolff, R. (eds.) Contemporary Nordic Research in Corporate Environmental Management. Göteborg: BAS Publishers.

Heiskanen, E. (1996). Conditions for Product Life Extension. In: Ulhøi, J. P. & Madsen, H. (eds.): Industry and the Environment. Practical Applications of Environmental Management Approaches in Business. Proceedings of the 3rd Conference of the Nordic Business Environmental Management Network. Aarhus: Aarhus School of Business

Heiskanen, E., Kärnä, A. & Lovio, R. (1995). Product oriented environmental business development. In: Wolff, R. & Ytterhus, B. E. (eds.) Environmental management - where do we stand? Oslo: Cappelen Akademiska Förlag.

3. Articles in domestic refereed publications

Heiskanen, E. (1997). Kehdosta hautaan: elinkaariarviointi ympäristöongelmien määrittäjänä. (From Cradle to Grave: The Role of Life Cycle Assessment in Defining Environmental Problems) Tiede & Edistys 3/97.

4. Conference papers and domestic articles

Heiskanen, E. & Lovio, R. (2003). Do certificates increase trust in corporate social responsibility? Paper presented at the NFF Conference in Reykjavik, August 13-16, 2003.

Heiskanen, E. (2001). Omistamisen onni? Tulevaisuuden uudet kulutuskäytännöt. (The joy of ownership? New consumption patterns of the future). Rydman, J. (toim.). Tiede ja elämä (Science and Life). Helsinki: Tieteellisten seurain valtuuskunta.

Heiskanen, E., Jalas, M. & Kärnä, A. (2000). The dematerialization potential of services and IT: futures studies methods perspectives. Paper presented at the The Quest for the Futures seminar, Workshop on Futures Studies in Environmental Management, Finland Futures Research Centre, Turku June 13-15,2000.

Heiskanen, E. (1999). Life cycle assessment: recontextualizing environmental issues. Presentation at the 6th Pori workshop on environmental policy "Scaling socioecological processes and problems", Pori Art Museum, August 25-29, 1999.

Heiskanen, E. (1998). Tuote ja ympäristö löytävät toisensa (The product and the environment find each other- review of European product policy). Eurooppa-raportti (Statistics Finland, Europe report) 1998 (5): 40-44.

Heiskanen, E. (1997).The Social Construction of a Technique for Environmental Assessment: Six Snapshots, paper presented at the Interdisciplinary Workshop on Environmental Management, University of Tampere, 24.-26. April 1997.

Heiskanen, E., Kärnä, A., Munck af Rosenschöld, E., Pripp, L. & Thidell, Å.(1997). Environmental Product Improvement: Key Actors and Information in the Product Chain, paper presented at the Nordic Business Environmental Management Network Conference, 5. - 7. June 1997, Tuohilampi.

Heiskanen, E. (1997). Every Product Casts a Shadow - but Can we See it and Can we Act on it?, paper presented at the workshop Deliberative Turn in Environmental Policy, University of Tampere & University of Turku Satakunta Environmental Research Centre, 3.-6. Sept. 1997.

Heiskanen, E. (1996). Product Information and Influencing Consumers' Indirect Energy Consumption - An Example of Using Alternative Products to Produce a Meal. In: LINKKI Research Programme on Consumer Habits and Energy Conservation. Helsinki. LINKKI: Publications 15/1996.

Heiskanen, E. (1996). Jaettu elinkaarivastuu. (Shared life cycle responsibility) In: Alasaarela, E. (ed.) Mikä ympäristönsuojelua ohjaa - moraali, markat, pelko vai pakotteet. (What drives environmental conservation - morals, money, fear or sanctions?). Pohjois-Pohjanmaan ympäristökeskus: Alueelliset ympäristöjulkaisut 5/1996.

Heiskanen, E. & Pantzar, M. (1993). Kestävän kulutuksen kehitysnäkymät. (Prospects for sustainable consumption). In: Kurkisuoni, I. (ed.): Kestävän kehityksen edellytykset Suomessa. (Conditions for Sustainable Consumption in Finland). Helsinki: Tammi.

5. Scientific monographs

Heiskanen, E., Halme, M., Jalas, M., Kärnä, A. & Lovio, R. (2001). Dematerialization: the potential of ICT and services. Ministry of the Environment: Finnish Environment: 533.

Kautto, P., Heiskanen, E., Melanen, M. (2001). Pyrkimys ympäristömyötäisiin tuotteisiin. (Towards greener products. a case study of five international Finnish enterprises). Helsinki: Finnish Environment Institute, The Finnish Environment 530.

Heiskanen, E. (2000). Translations of an Environmental Technique: Institutionalization of the Life Cycle Apporoach in Business, Policy and Research Networks. Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration. Acta Universitatis Oeconomicae Helsingiensis A-178. Doctoral dissertation.

Heiskanen, E. & Jalas, M. (2000). Dematerialization through services - a review and evaluation of the debate. Ministry of the Environment, Environmental Protection Department: The Finnish Environment 436.

Heiskanen, E., Kärnä, A., Niva, M., Timonen, P., Munck af Rosenschöld, E., Pripp, L. & Thidell, Å. (1998). Environmental Improvement in Product Chains. Nordic Council of Ministers, TemaNord 1998: 546.

Timonen, P., Heiskanen, E., Kärnä, A., & Niva, M. (1998). Tuotteiden ympäristölaadun parantaminen. Tuoteketjun osapuolten näkemyksiä (Improving the environmental quality of products. Views of product chain actors). National Consumer Research Centre, Publications 1/1998.

Heiskanen, E. (1995). Tuoteinformaatio ja välillisen energiankulutuksen ohjaus. (Product information as a means to influence indirect energy consumption). National Consumer Research Centre. Research Publications 5/1995.

Heiskanen, E., Kärnä, A. & Lovio, R. (1995). Tuotelähtöinen ympäristönsuojelu (Product oriented environmental protection). Helsinki: Finnish Foundation for Research and Development. SITRA 143/1995.

6. Other publications, conference papers and book chapters

Heiskanen, E. & Timonen, P. (2003). Kohti kestävää tietoyhteiskuntaa? Päivittäistavaroiden verkkokaupan osallistuvan ja rakentavan teknologian arvioinnin kokeilu. (Toward a sustainable information society? An experiment in constructive and participatory technology assessment for electronic grocery shopping). Kuluttajatutkimuskeskus, Julkaisuja 2003:8.

Perrels, A., Ahlqvist, K., Heiskanen, E. & Lahti, P. (2003). Kestävän kulutuksen potentiaalia etsimässä - esitutkimus. (Searching for the sustainable consumption potential) Helsinki: VATT Keskustelualoitteita 233.

Kärnä, A. ,Kuisma, M., Kautto, P. & Heiskanen, E. (2003). Ympäristöasioiden hallintajärjestelmät ja tuotesuunnittelun ympäristökysymykset set-teollisuudessa. (Environmental Management Systems and Design for Environment in the Electrical and Electronics Industry) Helsinki: Sähkö- ja elektroniikkateollisuusliitto.

Heiskanen, E. & Jalas, M. (toim.) Ympäristö ja liiketoiminta - arkiset käytännöt ja kriittiset kysymykset. (Environment and business - everyday practices and critical questions). Helsingin kauppakorkeakoulu, Print-on-demand -julkaisu.

Heiskanen, E. (2002). Palvelujen mahdollisuudet edistää materiaali- ja energiatehokkuutta julkisissa hankinnoissa. (The potential of services to promote materials and energy efficiency in public purchasing) Teoks. Heino, E. (toim.). Ekotehokkuus hankinnoissa. Helsinki: Suomen luonnonsuojeluliitto.

Heiskanen, E. & Jalas, M. (2002). Demateriaalisaatio elektroniikkateollisuudessa. (Dematerialization in the electronics industry). Teoks. Heino, E. (toim.). Ekotehokkuus elektroniikka-alalla. Helsinki: Suomen luonnonsuojeluliitto.

Timonen, P., Heiskanen, E., Jalas, M. & Niva, M. (2001). Immateriaalisen tuotekulttuurin edellytykset - teknologian arviointia ympäristö- ja kuluttajanäkökulmasta. (Conditions for immaterial product culture - technology assessment from environmental and consumer perspectives.) National Consumer Research Centre, Working papers 62/2001.

Heiskanen, E. (2000). Proposal for a Nordic IPP - Participants' viewpoints. In: Report from Nordic IPP Seminar, Saltsjöbaden, Sweden, February 2000, Vol. 2. A better environment through the market - New opportunities for sustainable development via an integrated product policy (IPP). Nordic Council of Ministers. TemaNord 2000:535.

Heiskanen, E, Heininen, M, af Heurlin, E., Lovio, R., Pänkäläinen, M. Tulenheimo, V. (1997). Energiayhtiöiden ympäristölaskenta ja raportointi. (Environmental accounting and reporting of energy companies). VTT Tiedotteita/Bulletins 1857.

Heiskanen, E. (1996). Udvidelse af produktlevetiden: en miljøorienteret produktstrategi. (Product life extension: an environmentally oriented product strategy). In. Ulhøi, J. P. & Madsen, H. (eds.). Miljøledelse - tanker, erfaringen og visioner (Environmental management - ideas, experiences and visions). København: Børsen.

Heiskanen, E. & Timonen, P. (1996). Ympäristötieto ja kulutusvalinnat. Loppuraportti: Kuluttajien ympäristötiedon tarve. (Environmental Information and Consumer Decisions: Consumers' needs for environmental information). National Consumer Research Centre: Research Reports 9/1996.

Heiskanen, E. (1996). Is durability a feasible product strategy? In: Lovio, R. & Kivisaari, S. (eds.) Bright ideas? Environmental Management in Finnish Perspectives. Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration B-164.

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Pantzar, M., Raijas, A. & Heiskanen, E. (1995). Green consumers? Greening consumption? In: Jernelöv, A. (ed.) Sustainable Patterns of Consumption and Production. Report from the Seminar on Instruments to Promote Sustainable Patterns of Consumption and Production. Nordic Council of Ministers: TemaNord 1995:588.

Heiskanen, E., Lovio, R., Pesonen, S., Kaila, S., Kinnarinen, A. & Korkiakoski, M. (1993). The Finnish Environmental Business Barometer 1993. Draft Country Report. Paper presented at the seminar Business Management and the Environment, Gothenburg , October 14-125, 1993.

Heiskanen, E. (1993). Ympäristöasenteet ja kulutuskysynnän muuttuminen (Environmental attitudes and changes in market behaviour). Hyvinvointikatsaus/Welfare review 1/1993.

Heiskanen, E. (1993). Jaetun elinkaarivastuun ihanne ja käytäntö. (Ideal and practice of shared life cycle responsibility). In: Ympäristöjohtamisen tutkimuksen lähtökohtia ja näkökulmia. (Starting points and perspectives in research on environmental management). Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration: Publication D-187.

Heiskanen, E., Kujala, J., Lovio, R. & Mäntylä, H. (1993). Ympäristöasenteet ja kulutuskäyttäytyminen: teollisuus, kauppa ja kuluttajat. (Environmental Attitudes and Consumption: Consumers, Trade and Industry). Helsinki: Statistics Finland. Report 1/1993.

Heiskanen, E. (1992). Kokemuksia kotitalouksien pakkausjätteiden talteenotosta (Experiences from the recovery of households' packaging waste). Chapter 5 in the Report of the Packging Waste Working Group set up by the Ministry of Environment. Working Group Reports 73/1993.

Heiskanen, E. (1992). Euroopassa kehittyvä pakkausjätepolitiikka ja sen vaikutukset kuluttajiin. (Emerging European packaging waste policy and its impact on consumers). National Consumer Research Centre. Research Publications 13/1992.

Heiskanen, E. (1992). Kuluttajien suhtautuminen ja osallistuminen pakkausjätteiden hyödyntämiseen. (Consumers' attitudes toward and participation in packaging waste recovery). National Consumer Research Centre. Research Publications 10/1992.

Heiskanen, E. (1992). Ekotaseet ja kulutushyödykkeitä koskeva päätöksenteko. (Eco-balances and decision-making on consumer products). National Consumer Research Centre. Discussion Papers 2/1992.

Heiskanen, E. (1991). Kuluttajat, pakkaukset ja ympäristö. (Consumers, packaging and the environment). National Consumer Research Centre. Research Publications 7/1991.



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