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Mikko Rask

Mikko Rask 2012
Senior Researcher, Ph.D.
Tel. +358 29 505 9024, +358 50 322 2012
Fax +358 9 876 4374



I work as a Head of Research at the National Consumer Research Centre (NCRC) Finland in the group for Living Environment and Technology, where we explore means of developing sustainable living environments with the help of research, foresight and technology assessment. At NCRC I have worked since 2007. Previously I worked as a researcher and teacher in the Laboratory of Environmental Protection at Helsinki University of Technology (2001-2007) and in the Group for Technology Studies at Technical Research Centre of Finland (1997-2001).

By education I am a Doctor of Philosophy in the subject of Environmental Strategies and Technology Assessment. In my dissertation, Expansion of Expertise in the Governance of Science and Technology, I studied the relationship between policy arenas and the characteristics of expertise in the context of environmental regulation. Thereafter I have continued research on these themes in several national and international deliberation projects, in which the focus has been in the integration of citizen and stakeholder perspectives in different decision processes.

Research interests
    • Modernization and attitudes to science and technology
    • Environmental and technological risks and responsible regulation
    • Integration of expert and lay knowledge
    • Technology foresight and assessment
    • User-driven innovations
    • Transnational deliberation processes

    Curriculum Vitae (på engelska)

    Publications: NCRC publication database

    Tulosta sivu
    Topical issues

    Book: Citizen Participation in Global Environmental Governance

    On one day in 2009, in 38 countries around the world, 4000 ordinary citizens gathered to discuss the future of climate policy. This project, ‘WWViews’, was the first-ever global democratic deliberation – an attempt to enable ordinary people to reach informed decisions on and impact the global policy process. This book – which analyses the experiences and lessons from this ground-breaking event – marks the beginning of a new kind of democratic politics, providing practical lessons on how to increase the impact of global deliberation projects within the media and on official policy processes.

    The authors explore important themes for participatory approaches from the local to the global: the role of deliberation within global governance; methodology and practice; participant selection; policy impacts; engaging the media; how policy culture affects deliberation uptake; capacity building and knowledge transfer; process evaluation; content and argumentation analysis; and gender, race and class aspects.

    The book, edited By Mikko Rask, Richard Worthington, Minna Lammi, will be published in August 2011 by Earthscan, London

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    Expansion of expertise and its limits in policy-making

    Many policy making areas demand currently more systematic and expanded knowledge input but, at the same time, knowledge and expertise are more and more contested. There is a competition of knowledge claims and insecurity about the quality criteria for knowledge in policy contexts. Recent normative theories of expertise have provided guidelines of legitimate roles for expertise in technical decision-making. In my dissertation I contribute to this issue by developing a model of different types of policy arena, where different roles of expertise are required.
    • See the overview of the dissertation
    • Copies of the book can be ordered from here

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