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Petteri Repo

Research Director, Ph.D. (Econ.) , Adjunct professor (docent)
Tel. +358 29 505 9025, +358 400 737 968
Fax +358 9 876 4374

I enjoy studying how consumers can participate in the product development of all kinds of new services and devices. I am also interested in electronic commerce and consumer movements.



Research program

Sustainable living environments and innovations


Selected papers
  • Lammi, M., P. Repo & P. Timonen (2012) Consumerism and Citizenship in the Context of Climate Change. In Rask M, Worthington R & Lammi M (eds.) Citizen Participation in Global Environmental Governance. Earthscan: London.
  • Repo, P. (2011) Users as potential entrepreneurs: A side note on user innovators and their careers in Nordic skiing. 9th International Open and User Innovation Workshop, Vienna.
  • Heiskanen E., S. Hyysalo, T. Kotro, P. Repo (2010) Constructing innovative users and user-inclusive innovation communities. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management 22(4) 495-511.
  • Repo, P. & A. Raijas (2010) Consumer megatrends as drivers for policy. Futura 29(4) 70-82.
  • Repo, P., P. Timonen & K. Zilliacus (2009) Alternative regulatory cases challenging consumer policy. Journal of Consumer Policy 32(3) 289-301.
  • Repo, P. & T. Kotro (2008) Opening up product development to users: Insights from the Finnish sports industry. Proceedings of the ISPIM 2008: Open Innovation: Creating Products and Services through Collaboration, Tours (Loire Valley).
  • Heiskanen, E. & P. Repo (2007) User Involvement and Entrepreneurial Action. Human Technology 3(2) 167-187.
  • Koskinen, I., P. Repo, K. Hyvönen (2006): WAP and Accountability: Shortcomings of the Mobile Internet as an Interactional Problem. Journal of Usability Studies 2(1) 22-38.
  • Repo, P., K. Hyvönen, M. Pantzar & P. Timonen (2006): Inventing Use for a Novel Mobile Service. International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction. 2(2) 49-62.
  • Koskinen, I. & P. Repo (2006): Face the Music: Mobile Multimedia in Social Context. Advances in European Consumer Research, Vol. 7 66-69.
  • Heiskanen, E., I. Koskinen, P. Repo & P. Timonen (2006): Involving users in service design: user experience vs. user expectations. Advances in European Consumer Research, Vol. 7 230-236.
  • Pantzar, M. & P. Repo (2006): Defining Innovation Policy - A Book Review. International Sociology. 21(3) 444-446.
  • Hyvönen, K. & P. Repo (2005): The Use of Mobile Services in Finland: Adoption Challenges Diffusion Theory. GESTS International Transactions on Computer Science and Engineering. 20(1) 166-178.
  • Carlsson, C., K. Hyvönen, P. Repo & P. Walden (2005): Asynchronous Adoption Patterns of Mobile Services. Proceedings of the Thirty-Eigth Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Hawaii.
There's more interesting stuff in the NCRC publication database.

Edited book

  • Repo, Petteri, Ilpo Koskinen & Heidi Grönman toim. (2006): Innovaatioiden kotiutuminen (The Domestication of Innovations). National Consumer Research Centre: Helsinki. Abstracts in English available here.


  • Education: Ph. D. (Econ), Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration, 2000. Adjunct professor (docent) at the Aalto University of Economics (marketing, consumer driven product development)
  • Dissertation: Repo, Petteri (2000): Consumer Interest in Free Trade Revisited - Interpreting Reactions of Four Consumer Organizations. Svenska handelshögskolan, Ekonomi och samhälle nr 84, Helsingfors.
  • Passions: Squash and photography

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