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Consumer Scoreboard - May 2012

The 7th Consumer Markets Scoreboard analyses consumer conditions in EU Member States and the development of cross-border trade and e-commerce.

Main findings:
  • Consumer conditions have improved in the majority of Member States, which continues the rebound after the fall in 2009.The biggest improvements were seen in Bulgaria, Belgium, France and Denmark.
  • At the same time, the persistent existence of unfair commercial practices is a cause for concern. Likewise, knowledge of fundamental consumer rights remains disappointingly low among both consumers and businesses.
  • While e-commerce continues to grow, it remains largely domestic despite the clear potential in terms of choice and savings across borders. Consumers could be more confident shopping from other EU countries, as cross-border e-commerce appears to be at least as reliable as domestic e-commerce.

7th Consumer Scoreboard - May 2012


7th edition of the Consumer Conditions Scoreboard (pdf)

European Commission - Press release 29.5.2012
Consumer Scoreboard shows where consumer conditions are best in Europe

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