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Consumer panel

The National Consumer Research Centre has compiled a register called the "Consumer Panel" for the collection of study data. Altogether the panel has about 500 members with an age distribution of above 18 years. To enable selecting participants for studies, certain background information on each member is stored in the register. The composition of the panel is revised every now and then.

Use of the panel

The research methods employed in the panel include questionnaires, interviews and group discussions. The panel members may also evaluate products and services in practical use. The panel is particularly useful for studies involving qualitative research methods or studies in which the sample size is relatively limited. The panel can be used in studies concerning topics such as:

  • Position of the consumer in the market and in society
  • Private and public services
  • Decision-making, purchase habits and experiences of consumers
  • Questions related to household economy
  • Environmental issues related to consumption
  • Properties of products and services related to their use and other quality aspects
  • Instructions for use, product labels, etc.
  • Advertising, consumer information and consumer education

Panel services

The Centre is further engaged in developing and marketing its research and expert services. The Consumer Panel is one of the tools utilized in the production of these services. However, the payable study assignments for which the panel is used must serve the public good and the results must be publishable at least in part.



  • Rapid data collection
  • Access to various types of consumers
  • Possibility to collect different kinds of data sets
  • Possibility to monitor changes


The coordinator is Planning Officer Annukka Pulliainen.

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