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Functioning markets in consumers’ everyday lives

The research focuses on studying the everyday activities of consumers and the impact of market actors on such activities. Its projects involve the development of operating methods and tools for use by consumers, in solving various problems in interaction with market actors. Enhancing and developing the financial skills of consumers are regarded as social responsibility issues: they concern various actors, since consumers who are able to manage their finances also benefit other actors in society.

The studies in question examine the impact of political steering methods on the market, alongside a wider purview of financing services and the network of economic actors, from the perspective of promoting consumers’ financial skills.

The research also studies the impact of public and private service production on service availability and consumers’ use of resources. Service markets are studied at EU level, with the objective of identifying development targets in various sectors. Information is also required on households’ own service production and other economic activity, in order to supplement welfare services produced by the public sector and markets. Both in the OECD and Finland, demand is also increasing for the development of a statistical system related to completing official welfare indicators, particularly calculation of the economic value of unpaid household work. A project partly financed by the Academy of Finland examines how the economy has become a key factor that structures people’s everyday lives.

In 2012, the research group will implement the following projects:
  • Actors, channels and methods of promoting young people’s financial skills (2011-2012)
    Raija Järvinen, Anna-Riitta Lehtinen, Liisa Peura-Kapanen, Anu Raijas
  • The changing rhythms of everyday life (2010–2013)
    Kristiina Aalto, Anu Raijas, Johanna Varjonen
  • Basic Commodity Baskets (2009-2012)
    Kristiina Aalto, Anna-Riitta Lehtinen, Anu Raijas, Johanna Varjonen
  • Imagining the economy in Finnish advertising and journalism (2011–2013)
    Minna Lammi, Päivi Timonen
  • Economic value of unpaid household work, update of satellite account (2012)
    Kristiina Aalto, Johanna Varjonen
  • EU Scoreboard (2011–2012)
    Ari Peltoniemi

Head of Research

Anu Raijas, Head of Research, tel. +358 29 505 9023, +358 50 569 0443


Kristiina Aalto, Senior Researcher, tel. +358 29 505 9001, +358 50 573 8894
Raija Järvinen, Research Professor, tel. +358 29 505 9008, +358 50 591 2784

Anna-Riitta Lehtinen, Senior Researcher, tel. +358 29 505 9013, +358 50 574 4389
Ari Peltoniemi, Senior Researcher, tel. +358 29 505 9018, +358 50 574 3634
Liisa Peura-Kapanen, Researcher, tel. +358 29 505 9019, +358 50 574 4978
Johanna Varjonen, Senior Researcher, tel. +358 29 505 9034, +358 50 574 4732


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