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Geographic information system

The National Consumer Research Centre uses a geographic information system established in 1996. It includes information of the Finnish population, housing, and different industries, particularly regarding retail trade. In addition, in the system there are different types of data intended for analysis and visualisation. Research project-specific data and information created during research projects can also be imported into the system when necessary. The software used in The National Consumer Research Centre is MapInfo Professional and it is used along with compatible software applications.

The geographic information system is utilised in several National Consumer Research Centre research projects that include the handling of location information (e.g. address or coordinates). The geographic data can be localised, which makes analysis and visualisation features of the system possible. 

The geographic information system used in the National Consumer Research Centre is needful particularly with studies associated with the living environment, finances, and well-being of consumers. These areas include research such as availability of services, market functionality, and regional trends associated with consumer behaviour.

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