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Publications and articles 1991-2014

Citizen Participation in Global Environmental Governance
Edited by Mikko Rask, Richard Worthington, Minna Lammi

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19.12.2014 Contact details for the Institute of Criminology and Legal Policy (National Research Institute of Legal Policy) and the National Consumer Research Centre

On 1 January 2015, the National Consumer Research Centre will become part of the University of Helsinki's Department of Political and Economic Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences. At the same time, the National Research Institute of Legal Policy will join the Department of Social Research at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The Institute will be renamed the Institute of Criminology and Legal Policy. The contact details of both research institutes will change with their new status.

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13.10.2014 Article: Is Trust in Health Information Related to Better Hand Hygiene Among Military Conscripts?

Respiratory infectious diseases present a major health problem among military conscripts. To examine determinants of hand washing and their relations to trust in authority-provided health information, a social-cognitive model was applied to cross-sectional data from 140 Finnish conscripts aged 18 to 22. The results show that trust in authority-provided health information is associated with higher self-efficacy, higher knowledge, higher perceived effectiveness, and lower perceived risk; that higher self-efficacy and higher disease worry are associated with hand washing; and that trust in authority-provided health information has a direct, independent effect on hand washing. The results give information for designing behavior change interventions.

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13.10.2014 Article: Self-Building Courses of Solar Heat Collectors as Sources of Consumer Empowerment and Local Embedding of Sustainable Energy Techology

Self-building courses have been identified as a stimulus for user innovations, local embedding and diffusion of renewable energy technology. In this paper we explore the Finnish solar heat collector self-building courses. Our empirical material consists of field observations, interviews with teachers and a survey of participants since the early activities in late 1990s. Our findings show that course participants have started to follow energy discussions, collect information and actively advise others. Participants view themselves as increasing capable actors in renewable energy. They have also begun to engage in energy saving and renewable energy at home on a wide front. The fact that only 41% have installed their collector points to the importance of timing but also to the way in which self-building courses serve as a first step into renewable energy. Overall our results indicate that self-building courses offer possibilities for material engagement that has outcomes beyond the immediate objectives of the course.

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13.10.2014 Article: Consumer trust in banking relationships in Europe

The study reveals deviations between various banking services and company-level results regarding consumers’ trust in their banking relationships. Consumer trust is the highest in banking accounts and the lowest in investments and pensions. The study also highlights deviations in consumer trust between European countries, and identifies countries with low, medium and high trust in banking and in distinct banking services.

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07.04.2014 Open call for “Establishment of a Network of Country Correspondents”.

CASI Mobilisation and Mutual Learning (MML) Action Plans: mainstreaming Science in Society actions in research

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